Ingredients to watch out for



You can shop from Aihiki Skin with confidence, knowing that the beauty products you see come with none of the following nasties:

  • Formaldehyde – That stinky chemical that was used to preserve animals for dissection in biology class lurks in your nail polish and hair straightening treatments.
  • Petroleum – Yes, it comes from the same thing that makes your car go. Your body can’t metabolize it!
  • Parabens – These will copy estrogen in your body and cause major problems in your hormones.
  • Triclosan – Found in soaps and toothpastes, this ingredient is why bacteria seems to resist antibiotics.
  • Hydroquinone – There are other ways to brighten and lighten your skin without this cancer-causing agent!
  • PPD – You’ll see it as ‘P-Phenylenediamine’ on product listings. It comes from coal tar and can lead to major allergic reactions.
  • Quaternium-15 – This ingredient is used to prolong the shelf-life of your makeup, but it releases formaldehyde!
  • Talc – Find another way to control grease and shine. Talc contains asbestos and can cause lung problems.
  • Fragrance – Often a chemical cocktail, ‘fragrance’ should be avoided like the plague.


Join Us in a Skincare Revolution of Natural Ingredients

That list above is only the short list of dangerous ingredients you should avoid when buying skincare products. By limiting your contact with harmful chemicals and toxins, you’ll have a healthier life.


While it is our full intention to provide you with access to only safe products, we encourage you to look up anything you may have in your beauty stash on the EWG website. Empower yourself in beauty by reading those labels and knowing whether or not a formulation has dangerous ingredients. As you can see from our shop, there are wonderful ways to be beautiful naturally without poisoning your body with nasty chemicals.


The more natural the product, the less likely it is to have an ingredient that the EU banned. Plus, there’s the bonus of more sustainable and eco-friendly packaging that makes it even better for us all. When we all put more focus on these natural products, it’s a bit of supply and demand. Manufacturers see the shift and follow suit to keep up. A prime example of this is how the food industry has made leaps and bounds with transparency as people demand to know what’s in their food and where it comes from.


And shouldn’t we make these same demands when it comes to what we use ON our body as well as inside of it? That’s why Aihiki Skin is here for you so you can make choices that allow you to be your most beautiful self without fear of chemical repercussions down the road.


Clean. Natural. Aihiki.